Remembering Rust with Anki

21 June 2019

I've read The Book once before, but it was a long time ago, and at some point I read an o'reilly book about rust too. At the time of reading those books. It felt like the language made sense. I would remember what I read, surely.

A few months go by, and I feel like I want to do something in Rust, get deeper. So I sit down in front of my computer with a blank stare. What is the exact syntax of doing a for loop again in rust? Let alone how do you even make a generic struct that is trait bounded.

Does it sound similar? Well, I decided I would do something about this, so I created an Anki deck which has 212 cards (updated 2019-06-21). The anki deck covers the rust book. The deck won't be that much of use if you haven't read the book. But I'd say it certainly helps you remember once you've read the book.

If you've never heard of Anki; in short it's flash card program which uses spaced repetition to help you remember. So even if I step away from rust at some future point I will remember the syntax, and now that you've also got the deck so will you!

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