This is me, Jonathan

This is my corner on the internet. I'll jot down thoughts and pieces of code that I find important. My intention is that it'll be useful to someone other than me. If anything I hope I'll end up at this site when I google one of my problems ;).

Hire me

You're welcome to send me an email if you're looking out for my skills in a professional capacity. If you're looking to get my attention full-time, send me an email and tell me why I should work together with you. You'll get maximum 4 days a week of my time. I'm keeping the 5th day, for learning new things and contributing to open source.


If you've got a project that you think would interest me, and you think I could contribute to in a meaningful way. Shoot me an email and tell why and how. I'm also happy to give some feedback on something that you've been working on which you'd like a second pair of eyes on.

What interests me


Being able to use any language to build for the biggest platform in the world, the browser, is empowering. I'm helping out to make this happen with wasm-bindgen


It's a beauty of a language. Reads like english and you can whip up something that works relatively quick. It's what I know best and the tool that I first tend to reach after.


Unlike Python, it gives you safety in knowing that your program will run once the compiler stops complaining. The lure of mastering a lower-level language brought to start picking up Rust.


So when I'm not reading articles on the web. I tend to read books. Of the books that I find most interesting are the science fiction books. If you're curious, you can find some of the books that I've read on Goodreads